Angela Ortiz-Flores

Angela is a licensed therapist who focuses on supporting families.  She works with children, couples and individuals in hopes to create stronger family bonds, relationships and understanding.  Looking to expand her clients, we started with a logo design for Angela.  We wanted to the logo to evoke a sense of support, giving the viewer confidence and trust in Angela.  The logo, along with all of Angela’s brand identity, needed to convey a sense of dependability and hope.

Angela Website

It is very important for Angela’s website to keep everything simple and very easy to navigate. She wanted her website to be a place of resources for her clients and anyone who may be struggling and is seeking helpful advice. Her website is currently under construction.

Angela Service Icons

During the design process of Angela’s website, we were in need of some sort of imagery that would depict different areas of Angela’s services.  Instead of using photography, we decided to create some custom icons that matched her branding and would clearly represent her services.