Revive Art Restoration

Revive Art Restoration is a new business that needed full brand creation. We really wanted to develop a brand that was approachable, and make art restoration something anyone can benefit from. Matt, the shop’s owner, is young and vibrant and we wanted to position a brand around the shop that really emphasized a modern take on this centuries old art.

Revive Business Cards

When it came to creating business cards for Revive, we really wanted something that would stand out, and also that would compliment the logo. The bold red square does just the trick and has gotten a ton of positive feedback from Revive current and potential clients.

Revive Art Restoration Website

Being a new business, Revive’s website is used a key tool in their marketing efforts. The website not only expands the looks and feel of the brand, but provides potential Revive clients wit indepth information about the company and their services. The before and after slider of their restoration work on the home page, is a favorite element that really showcases the quality of work Revive provides!

Revive Delivery Car

And let’s not forget about Revive’s amazingly appropriate art delivery vehicle. We love seeing how much fun this client is having with their brand!